1956 Dodge Coronet with 40K miles - Unrestored - Original Paint

This is a very nice original 56 Dodge Coronet. The paint is all original so is the interior except for the carpet, I installed the plastic seat covers to give it that old back in the 50s nostalgic look. I put the wide whites and 15" Lancer repo hubcaps on it…the original 15 caps go with the car. The 57-58 Lancer caps were the hot choice for all the hot rodders back in the 50s. The chrome bumpers and trim are very nice and almost perfect in most cases. The stainless is in the same condition…. No piece has been removed from the car for any resto work. The car is very solid and has zero rust. The paint is very nice, the hood shows some slight wear but not extremely noticeable. This car has a 2011 NCRA inspection sticker on it which insures you that it is a dependable driver. For factory options: The original poly V8 engine and the powerflite pushbutton transmission, AM radio with under dash rear speaker control, dual mirrors, day/night rear view mirror, front bumper extensions. I know the history back to new. For the last 5-10 years, the four door cars have been making their way in the hobby just like the wagons.
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